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Well, I think it’s been a cracking Summer. Good sport, for those of you that way inclined; and not only did we win stuff but played the game well in so many disciplines, ladies and gents combined. And ‘playing the game’ has historically always been the British way.... hasn’t it?

We, as a nation, are going through a bit of an obsession with history at the moment. The first World War remembrances have only just started and will continue on to 2018. Kirton News has also had an historical bent to it lately with Ken Pearson’s facinating History Digest which continues this month. September also sees an intoduction to another local figure who has played his part in the more recent second world conflict - and beyond.

Gordon Ramsey had, what they used to call a ‘good war’. As has often happened, such horrific conflagrations not only bring fear, death, destruction and suffering but can also provide excitement and adventure never before imagined. And Gordon, now in his mid nineties, certainly had some adventures!

I, like many of you out there, am from one of the fortunate generations who have never had to answer the call to duty of Queen (or King) and Country - but I am also one of those who believe that the contribution his generation made to our future should never be forgotten and we should never tire of being reminded or informed of it; I also subscribe to the belief that we are what our history makes us. So Kirton News makes no apologies for banging on about this whenever possible.

But history is only a day away, and many of our community continue to make their own little ripple in the pond. By the time you read this, almost certainly, Aimee Hayward will be bald! A local girl in her mid twenties, Aimee is raising money on behalf of her Grandad - Merv - to help continue the fight against Cancer. She will have raised hundreds of quid for a battle of a different kind; but one that can, potentially, affect us all - and be won. The money raising event happened on August 31st but, if anyone wants to make a further contribution, Aimee works at Rush Hairdressers. I’m sure she would welcome a contribution.

Gordon, as a lad, answered his calling. Aimee has answered hers. Both ‘heroes’ in their own right - however big or small the sacrifice, you have to steel yourself to make it.

It’s amazing how small an act you need to perform to make a big difference. The impact may not be immediate, but over time - and for a long time it can count.

We can all make a difference - it’s just a question of being bothered!




NatWest plan to close the
Kirton Branch on November
25th this year.

Many villagers are angry,
concerned and many a little
fearful of what might result.

It's seen as another nail in Kirton's coffin and takes away valuable trade for all the local shops and amenities.

If you think action should be
taken, go to the Facebook site
and show your support:

Save the last bank in Kirton


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Kirton Nursery School


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