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The Editors Letter


Greetings good citizens of Kirton. I write this on St. George’s Day. England’s show of national pride never seems quite to equal our three neighbours when it comes to celebrating our patron saint (even though he was Turkish!) and I always think that’s a bit of a shame. I shall be raising a glass to the old dragon slayer this afternoon - any excuse! - but reflecting, not only on our lack of national pride, but also the apparent absence of more local attention.

In our pages this month we have mention of fly tipping in our country lanes for instance. A common though abhorrent occurrence – and potentially dangerous. Any of you who are Archer’s fans will know of the recent floods in Ambridge caused by a blocked culvert wedged with rubbish! And the new Skatepark (officially opened on April 25th) which, as highlighted in only last month’s ‘News’, is being tarnished by carelessly discarded bottles and wrappers.

I am very aware that Kirton is not unique in having these problems but a constant theme seems to be that the more mature members are the ones who do the caring about the community - the younger ones make the mess! Or am I wrong?

Going back to the Skatepark - it has been younger members of the community who have stood up to be counted. Admittedly because it’s something that benefits them but at least they have shown they CAN make the effort. Why don’t we see more younger folks getting involved in other stuff?

The Town Hall for instance. Their committee is struggling for volunteers (see page 11). They do a great job within the community keeping that much loved and well used facility up and running but they need numbers. Younger faces.

The youth used to be involved more. I remember running a series of features on the history of Graves Park a couple of years back. Photos of the youth of Kirton going out, getting involved and enjoying themselves. Now those youngsters have had their families but the “community gene” doesn’t seem to have passed on, well, not to many.

Shame. Let’s do it all on social media shall we? From the safety of our sofas !!!

Sofa - so good then!

On a purely selfish note - and speaking of volunteering I could do with a couple of people to deliver the Kirton News around the village. Particularly Dennis Estate. We have had a few long serving and much appreciated distributors having to hang up their carrier bags lately. Time gets to us all eventually. I am hugely grateful to all of you out there who do deliver this little bit of nonsense – we, quite literally, could not do it without you – but if someone could spare an hour or so a month then please get in touch!

So, on those notes, I’ll leave you all to study the form of the candidates, national and local, (I’ve just had half a tree through my letterbox filled with smiling faces and false promises – and what’s Paul Kenny doing on a beach?) and make your decision for May 7th. But first, don’t forget World Star Wars Day - May the fourth, [of course] be with you all!



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