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The Editors Letter


“March many weathers”; carrying on from February’s reference to Weather lore I guess it means we should expect anything and everything to drop on us over the next few weeks. There’s no telling what’s around the corner.

I’m sure, by now, many will have noticed Beeson’s Butchers shop “closed due to fire”. Mick and July certainly didn’t expect to advertise that when they closed up on Valentine’s Day! An electrical fire having burnt out the main shop it’s going to take more than a bucket of suds and elbow grease to sort out but, Mick, Julie, Stewart (sorry.... Stuart?) and the rest of the staff have one message for Kirton: “please... be patient and bear with us. We’ll be back!”

It might be a week or two rather than days but - with Billinghams and ‘The Monk’ already empty and their future uncertain; the NatWest Bank snatched away from us and the Library’s future still in the balance we certainly don’t want any more casualties in the centre* of the Village [*flying in the face of the Borough Council’s definition]

We do though, have a new business to welcome into our midst. On what many still know as ‘Stag and Pheasant Corner’ has appeared “My Kinda Flavour”.

The entrepreneurial Jon Cheetham and his partner Gail are full of enthusiasm and good ideas to bring something fresh and (slightly) alternative to the High Street. As well as a modern take on the traditional suppliers of smokers requisites (e-cigarettes, liquids, etc.) they also stock body and costume jewellery and a large selection of clothing - all new stuff, hot off the ‘rails - though I would say more for the teens, twenties and thirties than rhinestones and twin sets. If you know what I mean! An emporium packed with items for a wide range of tastes and servicing all sorts of styles.

We wish them every success.

So why, when we have such good stuff to offer in Kirton do folks seem to want to get through the village as quickly as possible? I refer, of course, to that old gripe about drivers who insist going through the 30mph limited High Street at Mach 3, at all times of day - as well as night.

Since the pedestrian crossing lost its belisha beacons to be replaced with traffic lights it has been my constant chagrin to observe imbeciles in motor vehicles - more than several still on their mobile telephones - thinking they have been briefly transported to Monaco.

Recently there has been devastation caused at the row of terraced cottages on London Road (58 to 66) where two metal fences and a low brick wall have been completely blitzed by some nutter taking the curve in the road too fast just south of the Black Bull; at 12noon in bright, dry conditions for gods sake! Do we have to wait until we have a fatality to sort this out?

Especially now, with the increase in pedestrian traffic in the area, since the opening of Coopers Convenience Store, I reckon its time we admitted that common sense won’t actually prevail and we need to think seriously about some permanent and major traffic calming installations between Dennis estate and Duckworths car showroom. Lobby your local council. We’ll be getting a new MP in May with the imminent retirement of Mark Simmonds. It might be a good opening gesture for fresh-faced young Matt Warman to make his mark, eh? If he gets in... of course (!!!!)

If he can sort the traffic out he’ll have my vote for sure.

Well, here’s looking forward to the equinox. Remember.... ‘Spring forward’ for those clocks.

Ta ta!



Martin Jessop
Marathan Man


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