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The Editors Letter


Lighting our log burner this evening I noticed a headline in a Telegraph property supplement (we buy the paper only on a Saturday; it’s a good read for the week) bearing the legend “Village Retirement”

Now, I realise what I’m about to say [rant] may upset even folks I have come to know and respect. I didn’t read the article but can imagine, as many true locals can, that it refers to those who have made their corporate fortunes or invested ‘wisely’ in the surviving pension schemes that haven’t been decimated by even more greed driven nutters, and have sought the comfort of a ‘rural idyll’ to fill the gap between their ridiculously overpriced city dwellings and their ridiculously overpriced retirement homes.

To cram the whole thing into a multi-million pound nutshell all this has done over the past two or three decades is to create a situation where local kids - should they want to remain such - have no chance of affording a property in their own area.

I am conscious that, from now on, I am generalising to a degree.

It wouldn’t be SO bad if the incomers used local services and shops instead of peering out from the curtains waiting for the next delivery of groceries from the Sainsbury/Waitrose/Tesco -  or even. dare I say, Asda or Iceland Van (other competition annihilating outlets may be available). But they buy their grub and booze based on price rather than quality or taste and seem satisfied to close their quadruple locked doors of an evening rather than go to the pub and ‘integrate’ ‘assimilate’, or basically ‘get to know’, the folks, even if they be, next door. They set their alarms and wait for eternity at the expense of so many local businesses many of which we have recently lost.

It is, however, great to see artisans at work at the former Villager and The ‘Monk’, and we welcome the final opening of The Kirton Cafe which deserves our support.

So, it comes to my annual review - which I have just initiated!

This year of 2016 has seen many losses both locally, nationally and global. I don’t have time, and you are, doubtless not interested, in my list. But you’re going to get it anyway.

Friends have lost friends and I have lost family members as well as a few contemporaries.

People who - to use a well worn phrase - formed the soundtrack to my youth. Lemmy (the Hawklord rather than the Ace of Spades) Ziggy Stardust, and more recently, JY and Leonard Cohen. Many more have passed.

Such is the way of things.

We have Brexit, but I just wish that the folks we elected - and those we haven’t (Theresa) would just accept the fact that the people who legitimately got you the cushy jobs in the first place said “Bugg*r Off” to the Froggies, the Belgians, the Spanish, et al and want you to do what you think you may be good at. The rest of the world, the Commonwealth, those we trade with, don’t trade with, would like to trade with, are all available and willing. Sort it to the best advantage of, well basically, me! I am now running over to the next page.

As an end of year message, and I ought to do it every month because you deserve it, thanks goes out to all of you volunteers who deliver this rubbish and put it through well over two thousand letter boxes most months of the year. Many of you have been there for almost fifty years. The community should recognise and be grateful for that commitment. Thanks to Audrey, Mary and Andrew. And thanks go to you who read and comment.



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