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Welcome all to 2017 and I hope it brings for you all you wish for yourselves.

I write this on the eve of DT’s inauguration into the Oval Office wondering, only briefly, why the names of both the ‘Leader of the Free World’ and his Nemesis (or will it be best buddy?) sound like my old Mum passing wind.

So many questions.

As we continue this year with centennial memories of The Great War our cover this month harks back to last years’ twilight commemoration for the anniversary of the beginning of the Battle of the Somme. A splendid image taken by local photographer Mr. David R. Taylor. I must correct an error from late last year as I omitted to credit him with also taking the pic we used for our November cover. Many thanks David and keep ‘em coming!

This year, 2017, sees the hundreth anniversary of another of Field Marshall Haig’s exercises in mass slaughter, the Third Battle of Ypres, later known simply as ‘Passchendaele’; the last great battle of attrition from the period. Notorious for Mud and Mustard Gas it produced some of the most memorable - and tragic - images of the war.

In my opinion all those blokes were heroes no matter how reluctant some may have been but the War did produce a certified local hero, Sergeant Harold Jackson VC who served with the East Yorkshire Regiment.

This is an early appeal for information. Do any of you reading this know of any relatives of Sgt. Jackson still living locally? If so could you point me in their direction please.

Harold Jackson won his VC in action on March 22 1918. Unfortunately he would be killed fighting in August of that year but he is to be commemorated in 2018.

The Government is funding local Councils to commission & lay Paving Stones in commemoration of First World War recipients of the Victoria Cross. Stones to be laid on the Centenary of the award.

I have been contacted by a retired member of the East Yorkshire Regiment (and it’s successor the Prince Of Wales’s Own Regiment Of Yorkshire) and they would like to be involved in any service. It would be fitting if a direct local descendant of Harold’s were also present for the occasion so get them jungle drums beating folks!

Lastly for this month, I’ve noticed a recent ‘interaction’ on Facebook (I only dip in very occasionally, but this is definitely worth a mention) about the pedestrian crossing on Station Road. It appears some drivers feel they have a right to ignore the highway code and just don’t bother stopping for those trying to cross!

My wife and I were involved in the action to get that crossing in place some years ago, spurred on greatly by the tragic death of a child on the last day of one Summer Term. Is it going to take another innocent death to make certain of you behave like reasonable human beings?

Sort yourselves out - for all our sakes!



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