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The Editors Letter


So, I’m having to [seriously] think about getting the trousers out!

2014 is in its iron lung and shortly to breath its last. “Good riddance” some may say. Certainly, looking at most of the stuff in November’s packed edition of Kirton News, you may say things are looking a bit dire. The NatWest thing - which isn’t quite over yet - the Skate Park thing - which is, frankly, a disgrace - and a third thing I have been asked to throw into the pot, specifically for the attention of the Parish Council and Highways Department. The state of the potholes on Bungle Lane.

Bungle (some say Bungly) Lane at the side of the ‘new’ cemetary has been a neglected thoroughfare for some time.

You will remember the, far too lengthy, problems on the Willington Road/Penny Gardens junction with the collapse which occured, only recently, when Bungle Lane became a regular ‘rat run’ for many of you, putting undue pressure on an already neglected track.

It is still in use by many but, wear, tear and over use have created very deep, very dangerous holes in the road which desperately need to be assessed, addressed and repaired.

I have had several folks get in touch asking Kirton News to highlight the problem with a view to asking the relevant authorities to give it their most urgent attention. It is coming up to the season when water and ice can mask a potentially dangerous hazard.

We know you have lots of other stuff to do but, it seems an important issue to many in the Village.

Worth puting onto some agenda, at least.

It's disappointing to walk through the middle of Kirton (because we don’t have a ‘centre’ as we know!) to see so many ‘for sale’ signs and vacant, empty windows. It seems, however, to be a national trend. Which doesn’t make it any better. Improvement can only come through a growing local economy. I bang on about this, and bore people constantly in the local boozer but, it really is about supporting local businesses and local people.

Don’t get your cabbage or your ‘tates from Tesco - go to the ‘Villager’ and get things that are going to taste as they should - and last for a bit in the veg rack.

Don’t get your chops and bacon pre-packed, sweaty and tasteless, go to Beesons and get fresh, decent, locally produced stuff.

Don't go no the internet to order your bread and milk, go to Jessops; the Co-Op, Coopers, Kesh’s or Jhays. And walk - don’t drive.

It’s probably cheaper in the long run, and most certainly better quality. And it keeps us all going, and growing.

Local communities are important on so many levels. If folks were closer we might not have the Skate Park problems; the ‘anti-social behaviour’, and all the other things that go with this breakdown in values that seems to have been creeping insidiously into everywhere over the past thirty years or so (or longer).

People are about people, not ‘social networks’ or on-line this, that and the other. We’ve had the best ‘social network’ going for centuries. With real people - face-to-face - not facebook-to-facebook.

Ah well............. Until the next time, eh?



NatWest plan to close the
Kirton Branch on November
25th this year.

Many villagers are angry,
concerned and many a little
fearful of what might result.

It's seen as another nail in Kirton's coffin and takes away valuable trade for all the local shops
and ame

If you think action should be
taken, go to the Facebook site
and show your support:

Save the last bank in Kirton

See the' Latest News' Page
for the full story.


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