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So, May then. Sees International Star Wars Day (May the Fourth). It’s a cheap joke and one I have probably used before. Memory fails me with advancing years.

Talking of which, I write this the day after Virginia Wood’s death. So many so far this year. I have recently heard of the passing of several of my contemporaries (R.I.P. Babs, and Graham). And all around sixty or early seventies. These are the people who populated and forged my youthful ideals and experiences. They were mates, even if I never knew them. It is a personal loss. More so when I think I am approaching that aged era - I’m two years off sixty; please, I know it must be hard to accept !!! - so questions present themselves.

Do I abandon my life-long atheist stance (or, at the very least, agnostic) and hedge my bets?

Do I decide to give up all those things I have done, and most of which I still do, and get pleasure from ‘because - guaranteed - they have all been ‘bad’ for me, in the hope of eeking out a few more months of existence?

Things pass, as do we all. So.... cojones.

The Village should presently mourn the passing of Fossitt and Thorne. A business that has served Kirton well over many years but has finally succumbed to the advance of the corporate dinosaurs which are systematically destroying England’s village communities.

As a welcome contrast we also mark the 30th anniversary of one of our other established businesses, the Costcutter (Keshco) mini market. But are we better off as a community for this mini seismic shift in our way of life? You should decide. But you won’t.

I know that Kirton is poorer - much poorer - from a business point of view than when the memsahib and I moved here 34 years ago.

I know that the traffic goes faster and the drivers seem numb to the actual existence of anyone else on the road, or pavement; the people don’t appear in the streets as much, and when they do, they don’t smile or pass comments as they used to. But that’s a national malaise.

I know many of the real (mostly harmless) rogues and characters of the village are either dead or confined to their rest homes, wheelchairs or iron lungs and no one has come up to replace them.

And if they did, the places you might meet these folks are not there anymore. Find them on facebook or tweet ‘em for a chat!

‘Tweet’ what a load of [the stuff you find at the botton of your budgie’s cage].

Why were we promised, (and I’m going back to the late sixties, or earlier) that all this technoligical advancement would improve our lives? It’s made a few people unbelievably wealthy and most of us substantially, morally, emotionally and actually poorer.

Well, at least Summers’ commin’. And don’t forget the Kirton in Bloom competition. Let’s put on a show Kirton and make the place a picture of colour and floral fantasy for 2016. Tend those borders and feed those planters and hanging baskets and lets celebrate the glory that is England !!!! (Did I just say that?)

Oooh. And vote “no” to Europe. We owned part of it for centuries and they didn’t like it. Trade within had declined drastically over the last ten years; and Ted Heath was a prat anyway. Though he skippered a good boat.



Happy Birthday

The Kings Head
- Saved

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