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The Editors Letter


Well; 20 16 used to be almost a winning score in Badminton when I was a lad. Never really occurred that it would seriously be a dateline!

Never mind, eh? We march on. From a purely Tiresian perspective (and I’m certainly developing the wrinkled dugs! - for all you Eliot scholars) the view of the Village is looking a little sombre.

The memsahib and I have been resident for some 33 years this May coming and have witnessed very little more than decline from the economic perspective but, strangely, a dramatic increase in the population of Kirton. A trend that seems reflected throughout the Realm. Still, it gives us plenty of faggots to fuel our favourite pass-time of being negative and having a good old moan, doesn’t it?

Well how about we make 2016 a POSITIVE year. There’s development of a commercial type happening on the Wash Road site bringing much needed employment.

We are about to have a new Cafe in the centre of the Village - and good luck for that. Let’s just hold out hope that when Fossitt & Thorne closes some one of a similar mind can have the vision to see a viable retail opportunity. Ditto The Villager. Then it’s up to you lot to continue to support those businesses that are still clinging on and help them grow and prosper.

Are you using the new Library service? Do you notice, or take advantage of what we have? Let’s do a bit more to get out there and support local functions, fairs and events. Let’s get out of our cars and onto the streets to walk around to the Bull; the Leisure; Graves Park and make certain they don’t go the way of the Thatch Cottage, Berridge, Angel, Peacock and Stag. Because it’s the social environment created in these places - and not just for the time it takes to eat your Sunday lunch - that will get the vibrancy and life back into our communities. Stay and have a pint after you eat and socialize.

Forget about ditching the dirt on Facebook or Twitter; do it face-to-face! It’s much more entertaining to see people squirm.

Anyway, that’s going to be my Mantra for this year: get local; get social; get a life!

And if nothing else, just be thankful you’re not American. If you thought George W. was dangerous how about Donald Trump backed up by Sarah Palin?

We’ll get a bus up to a Swiss Clinic shall we?

Many of you may think I’m a bit of a ‘one trick pony’. That I constantly seem to bang on about this sort of thing. I make no apologies. People are important but we are nothing on our own. Believe me, I’ve been ‘alone’ and it’s no fun.

I’ll be rattling your cages again soon. But please give me some feed back. I would like to know what you lot out there think of the state of the Village; what you think can be done; what we need to inform those in authority about and what you, the REAL prople would like to see happening.

Kirton News is very well read and more people take notice than you might think. It’s YOUR VOICE. Use it.

Happy Valentines,

Sam x


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