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The Editors Letter


I always like to have a good old clear out around the middle of the year. And what better month, then, to do it than flaming June?

The temperature rises (a cracking, hot, long Summer predicted) the foliage pregnant with greenery, the hay fever getting into full swing. Get yer clobber off, your shorts on and oil-up for a fabulous late afternoon barbecue on Tuesday the 21st. Between four thirty and seven pm.

What a cynical attitude to take, eh? But isn’t that what we British do best?

It’s easier to criticize than to praise. To go half empty rather than half full.

So I’m clearing out my negativity. I’m looking at what I have rather than what I have not or aspire to; and, with grateful thanks to A. Wilson Esq. who first ran this past me; before I open my eyes in the morning I’ll reach out to either side. And, if I don’t feel wood, I’ll get up and embrace another glorious day.

I can’t say I’m entirely happy with this month’s mag though. Contributions seem to be few and far between these days. I would appreciate a little more involvement from you folks out there because I’m sure.... I know.... you have plenty to say.

Kirton News seems to be becoming a bit lost in the wilderness. I seem to be making all the noise.

We like to think (as I believe I have said in the past) that our remit is to inform and entertain. But also to be something of a conduit between the Village(rs), the Parish, the Town Hall and associated clubs, committees and interested parties alike.

I’m thinking we should look to embrace the social media which so many out there seem to ingest and respire. So, how about a Facebook page for starters? Is that a good move/idea? Or a Twitter site.

Should we expand our website? I must admit that it was set up some time ago (in the computer version of the Dark Ages). If you think that would be the way to go, then let me know and we’ll have a crack.

And if anyone out there fancies putting their two pennyworth in to the project [because, believe me...I’ll need some assistance] then please get in touch.

Consider this a clear-out of the dark and cob-webby shed and a move to the brighter atrium of the future of - what should be considered as - your publication. Your monthly interaction with all that is good, vibrant, important and connected in Kirton.

And I guess that if we do go down the Social Media route it can be a minute-by-minute process of informing, interaction and connectivity.

Having used all the big words I can think of, I take leave to wish you all a Rewarding Referendum and a Jubillacious June.

And, in a week where a dustbin lorry has been taken off the road for having the union flag painted on the side of it which could be seen to endorse the campaign to leave the EU I leave you with this thought. Just take a minute, go out of your front door turn around and look at the door step. Then look up. Everything you see is the only 'real'.

As always;



Blooming June
at Kirton Church


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