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The Editors Letter


So; with the Summer break coming up I feel a special message coming on to get you all contemplating your wotsits over those lazy, hazy days.

But firstly - to put a record straight - I must refer back to a comment in June’s rant over the absence of a juvenile presence at the ‘Grand Opening’ of the Skate Park. I quote Mr. Ian Turner, Leader of the Parish Council:-

“The young adults who design the skate park were invited to attend the opening as they played a vital role in its creation. Sadly they choose not to attend. From the very start, the youth have been involved, from school council to individuals and their parents. I do not believe that these young persons are disrespecting the park, but others.”

I would encourage the youth of Kirton to take these positive comment s on board and be encouraged by them.

And that kind of leads on to the guts of this month’s message. Respect. For others - but mainly for your self.

Many of you may be wondering why our cat Harry appears on the cover of this month’s mag. Well; like many of you out there who are cat lovers (and dogs; and fish; and hamsters; and rabbits; and kimodo dragons; etc.) I reckon we could learn a lot from our pets. They respect themselves and love us!

Okay, we feed ‘em but, almost without exception - they would survive without us. We would not survive without each other (or, in some cases, them!). But out pets give love unreservedly and without fault or favour. So why don’t we respect one another and do the same?

Why do we drive recklessly through built up areas on our mobile ‘phones inviting tragedy?

Why do we rant and rage when someone doesn’t actually want to break the sound barrier on thier way to work in the morning when - if only they had set off five minutes earlier..... etc.

Or, at the other end of the scale, why do we want to become suicide bombers for the sake of having an adventure?

I dunno! But I do know the world is getting a little too complex for most of us to really understand.

Just take a few minutes out during this long hot Summer (!!!???!!) to reflect and appreciate just what it means to be alive and around others who -  in the most part - are decent human beings and just want to get to the other end of their ‘journey’ with a smile and some contentment.

Bugger! What’s that old thing about more muscles to grimace than to smile?

On a more sombre note I have been asked, by members of the congregation at SS P&P to mark the passing of Richard Barnes, long time organist and much loved parisioner. He will be missed. Their collective thoughts, prayers and sympathies are with Mary and the family.

We come.. we go.” We can’t stop time - much as we might try. We’re not here long.... and then you’re gone!” (Thanks to the Montgolfier Brothers).

Remember - use sunscreen



Harry says
“Wot’s your game?”


Glad Benton, an ATS veteran, attends the 70th Anniversary
VE celebration’s in London

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