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When my kids were younger [and cuter], a favourite story book was about a clumsy Afghan hound called “What a Mess”. Some of you may remember the charming stories written by that comic genius and doyen of ‘Call My Bluff’ Mr. Frank Muir. That ‘mess’ was a result of some sort of canine dyspraxia and usually quite amusing. Increasingly, local canines appear to be causing a ‘mess’ of a different order and the good Burghers of Kirton have asked me to highlight said problem.

As usual, I’m sure this is a case of the few tarnishing the reputation and good practice of the many. It is a subject we discussed some time ago in Kirton News and (I like to think) something that had some positive impact at the time.

However, especially with the season and the inevitable increase in leaf litter, etcetera only serving to mask potential hazards, the Parish Council have come up with a three point statement highlighting areas which they would very much like all of you responsible Pooch Possessors out there to take to heart......

1. If anyone knows of or sees someone they know of allowing their dog to mess and fails to clean it up they may report it to the Borough and they will fine that person. If they do not want to do so directly they can do so via the Parish Council.

2. Swineshead has two volunteers training to become Dog Mess Wardens (not sure that is the correct title). If anyone in Kirton would like to undertake training for this role please contact Belinda Buttery, Clerk to Kirton Parish Council on 01205 460618.

3. The council intends to spray any poo found with bright coloured paint to highlight the problem.

So, let’s try and keep the streets completely clear of these annoying and hazardous deposits, eh?

Whilst on the subject of something missing from the streets (and bars) I’ve just had news of one of our recently departed local characters which quite amused me. The Late incumbent of SS P&P, Fr. Gary Morgan, who, as many may know has taken over shepherding the faithful of Wainfleet has recently been made official Chaplain to Batemans Brewery!! Do you reckon he’s managed to wangle some sort of liquid Tithe with the job?

It’s so good to see folks enjoying their labours! Happy Hallowe’en - and for that matter, All Hallows Day!



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