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The Editors Letter


As Autumn wraps its’ comforting cloak around us and the nights lengthen bringing closer the anniversary of my birth, I quietly congratulate myself for completing yet another scene in this passion play we call existence. Another year, though, when some of my contemporaries  have not been so fortunate.

I find myself getting quite reflective at this time, and there’s always plenty to be reflective about in Kirton.

In spite of the loss of several established businesses over the recent past we do still seem to maintain a certain positivity. Our cover this month shows the mini esplanade on Station Road that has, throughout the summer, been a bustling market place. With the palette of colour provided by the Flower Shop a backdrop to the chirp and chatter of customers at the ever popular Scout Shop (more power to the marvelous volunteers who keep the place going): the more recent, ‘pop-up’ shop seems to have become a near permanent fixture with its eclectic mix of furniture and fashion; antiques and curios.

And as we know, once you get folks to stop and look then they might also fancy a sandwich at Jessops, a pint at the Bull or even a haircut or a flutter on the 2:30! (Other local businesses are, of course, just as worthy).

Hopefully the kettle will be whistling at the Kirton Cafe in the near future and the village ‘centre’ can breathe again. I hold my hands up as being the first to be guilty of living too much in the past. That’s one of the dangers of ‘reflection’ and can blinker a chap, preventing one from seeing just how bright the future might be.

Change doesn’t happen overnight and is rarely a pretty performance whilst it IS happening. But change we must – and we must also make a decent fist of it.

I know it’s a bit early for resolutions – although that time will be here all too soon – but I might think about it.

It will amuse the memsahib no end if I say “I’m going to be more positive and optimistic; stand a little straighter and smile more! Be nicer to people and stroke the cat”.

She’ll be rushing outside to check the number on the front door.

But, it’ll be something different to do. For a week or so, at least!

Happy conkering....



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