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The Editors Letter


October. It sees the anniversary of my entry unto this vale of tears. As it did for Gandhi; Margaret Thatcher, and Chuck Berry – among many others. What an intriguing dinner party that would make! It also sees the end of British Summer Time on the 25th. But the passing of September has also had some significance, personal and otherwise.

I don’t intend to ramble on about too much but I have been asked to ‘flag up’ one or two events of import. So, hang on... here we go!

“Last Night of the Proms”; the annual gala at Kirton Town Hall takes place on October 31st. The tickets cost £10 and are available from Fossitt and Thorne’s (The Green).

We have highlighted [on page 15] the current plight of the local branch of the Royal British Legion who – in-spite of their continued success in raising funds for ‘the (and many) cause(s)’ – are in danger of having to disband due to the need to fill the posts of Chair and Secretary/Treasurer.

This is really a major concern.

There is also the (hopeful) conclusion of the long- running saga of the Library service. You may have noticed that the current Library closed its doors on Saturday September 12th. Kirton Library has now moved into its new premises in the New Life Community Church, The Junction, Wash Road, Kirton. The library will be open at its new venue from Tuesday 29th September 2015.

The opening hours are: Tuesday 10.00am- 1.00pm, Thursday 2.00pm - 6.00pm

The library is also hoping to open on Saturdays (10.00am -1.00pm) in the very near future.

The library is being run by a friendly team of volunteers and anyone wishing to volunteer or would like more information on volunteering please contact: Carolyn Green on: 01205 722467 or via email: GrCrl2@aol.com

And finally. Harry The Cat, who graced the cover of this very publication for it’s July/August edition is no more. At only 15 months old he was the victim of a collision with a motorized ‘something’ far more substantial than himself. I wanted to say – a couple of days ago – that I hoped the driver of said carriage would rot eternally in their own personal hell for having deprived the world of this wonderful being (between late Saturday September 12th and Sunday morning, 13th, in the area of London Road) and taking away my ‘pal’. My wife persuaded me not to write this.

......So I haven’t.

(A sanguine) Sam.


Royal British Legion
Branch Chairman &
Branch Secretary/Treasurer

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