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The Editors Letter


Hello to all my - European Chums* / English Pals free of the yoke of Brussels and Strasbourg and their drain on our Sovereignty and resources * Delete as appropriate.

Because I write this on the eve of the June 23rd vote.

By now it will all have been decided; unless the incumbent Government haven’t had it their own way. In which case they will probably fix a re-vote or overturn, or something.

Because, at the end of the day, be it in Brussels, Strasbourg, Westminster or wherever it’s all about keeping those in power, in power and keeping down the ‘ordinary’ person on the street under a boot heel; whether that footwear be designed in Paris, Rome, Milan or Berlin; or Westminster.

So, an exciting and dramatic start to the Summer. A little too dramatic for some though. My sincerest sympathies to those who have suffered in the recent flash flooding. A cynic might say though that, with all the recent and on-going construction on land that was once fallow or agricultural and prone to annual flooding - our own natural defence - that this may be a sign of things to come!

But, you know me... cynical?

In spite of a dampening of the celebrations for the Queen’s 90th folks at the Town Hall seem to have had a good time. Let’s hope this also is a sign of (better) things to come! Remember, there’ll be Framfest and the Party in the Ark [at Abi’s Hotel for Cats] to look out for and, I’m sure, many more local events to soak up that Summer sunshine. I myself will have, by the time you read this, attended one of the major International sporting events of the year namely the World Egg Throwing Championships at Swaton near Donington. A jolly good and supremely, English-ly, Non-European-ly eccentric day out for all. If you didn’t attend then put it in your diary for next year.... It won’t be long!

At this juncture I can’t resist also flagging up the 52nd World Conker Championship at Ashton near Oundle on October 9th. Another singularly whimsical grand day out that even Brussels cannot spoil.

Though, if they ever hear of it....... ?

In our packed pages this month we feature a fund raising effort by local Baker and Businessman Martin Jessop. There will also be another effort taking place on August 14th when a friend of mine (and of many locally) Steve Slater will be cycling 100 miles (four circuits of 25) around the local fen roads to raise money for The Brain Tumor Trust. He’ll be joined by many more on their bikes starting and finishing at the Black Bull. Why not take a few minutes out to pop down and chuck a few quid in the bucket for a cause very close to many of us. 

So, the nights are drawing in already. Make the most of these balmy days and enjoy all that is truly great, and mostly free, about Kirton and England as a whole before any more of it disappears under the planner’s blue pencil.

Have a fabulous Summer, ‘see’ you in September.



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