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So... April. Easter; lighter nights at last, ‘Daffs’ and regeneration all around; and that not so distant promise of Summer days. Good eh?

And an election - well, in May.

As I write this the blessed Mr. Osborne is delivering his pre-election budget speech to keep us all sweet so that we’ll vote him and his mates back into their cushy little numbers (ten, eleven, etc.). It will, of course mean very little to most of us but serve, once again, to prove that the wool is constantly being pulled over our collective eyes. And by the way, why when they put taxes up does it happen overnight: but when they give an increase in pensions or benefits do we have to wait months for it to come in to force, hmmmmm?

To quote the wonderful (but sadly late) Kevin Ayers they’ll be “looking round madly for something to find, that might give them a front to put something behind”.

I’ve had a desire for some years now to suggest a very minor tweak to our election system. For those who I drink with I apologize for boring you with it again but, why can’t we have one extra box added to the bottom of all ballot papers?

It will simply say “none of the above”.

“They” say that because we have a democratic election system then everyone (of voting age) in the country has a chance to say who they want to run the show. But if “They” are all complete numptees then we don’t actually have a hopeful say at all.

I reckon we ought to have the chance to shake them all up by saying we don’t want any of you. Find us a proper alternative.

Some say the best Government is one who doesn’t govern at all. Let the businesses get on with what they do best and we’ll sort ourselves out nicely.

Oh well... such is the way of things, eh?

Good news about the Library though. The photo on page 5 doesn’t do it justice but, a new building is going up on the site of the New Life Church on Wash Road and the Library will be on the side facing the A16. There’s an excellent crossing for pedestrians, cyclists, wheelchair and shoprider users so access shouldn’t be a problem. And there’ll be lots more going on there too, if all goes to plan.

Something positive; regenerative. Let’s hope it’s well used then.

Just a reminder to all our valued advertisers that this, the April edition of Kirton News is the last of our 14/15 season so watch your letterboxes and e-mail in-boxes for your invitations to advertise with us for 2015/16. It’s your revenue that enables us to bring you this little ray of sunshine every month and keep you informed about what’s on in your village.

It would be nice to keep it going for a little while longer..... Or would it? You decide. Let me know if you enjoy our efforts. It’s always good to get some feed back.

Keep smiling;



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