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Well...... what a great start to 2014! All sorts of stuff going on that you all should be aware of, but probably aren’t.

As an update on last month’s report, the initial expression of interest to keep the library (as it is situated) as a going concern has been refused. But, do not despair bibliophiles, there may well be good news coming your way - Kirton News is on the case! It’s sad, though, to see the opening hours already proposing to be cut [from May] by FOUR HOURS on a Tuesday and two hours on a Thursday

Not sure what’s happening about the proposed mini-mart - but objections have been made, for all the right reasons (and I make no apologies for that), those being to preserve and encourage what we have; not to spread things so thin that all fade into memory.

I had a reaction to the “sense of Community” thing, from some of our more senior residents. I can’t help but think that the Seniors and Juniors tend to make waves in this Village but, there’s a distinct lack of energy coming through from the mid range. It’s you that have enjoyed the (by no means meagre) advantages that your forbears have worked for. The facilities are excellent, and growing.

It’s you that should be continuing the effort to benefit your offspring.

There was a distinct lack of you (none) volunteering to help run a possible Library service for instance. And no one seems bothered about helping with the Town Hall Committee. To make a success EVERYONE has to be involved. It takes no time - just a litle effort. Let’s go down a positive route.

It’s just about a year since Ryan Williams wrote:-

“We (the youth of the Village) are getting really fed up now,I think it’s about time we have a Skatepark built in Kirton.This would have a lot of advantages e.g keeping the children in Kirton and surrounding areas out of trouble.”

And it’s looking more and more as if the Skate Park will become a reality on the Dame Sarah Swift Memorial Park on Church Lane.

Planning consent has been sorted and applications for funding made. There is a fund already in place - though more donations would be gratefully received. Already, some local businesses have been very generous but the project is a living and progressive thing so, if any more of you out there wish to give a few bob to further maintain and build leisure facilities for the Village then come through me or the Parish Council.

There’s been a bit of come back from you for last month but, keep the comments coming in. We want to publish what you want (and ought) to hear about; and to that end, Kirton News will be undergoing a minor design change as from May. To try to create mor space for you to advertise and to give you more news our large advertisements will be slightly reduced in size. Apologies, but I hope those of you who take those ads will understand and stay with us. You’ll be getting personal notification - if you haven’t already!

Finally, Happy Easter. Get down to The Leisure for a pint and enjoy the holiday. Look after each other, and Kirton - for the future.



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