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I attended a family funeral today (21:01:15); an interment - which I always find quite comforting compared to the alternative. The lady in question was the last (in our genealogical sphere) of my parent’s generation. And it got me thinking. Now I’m the grown-up. Approacing my fifty-eighth Summer I’ve reached the top of the pile - or back of the queue. Whichever way!

That means I have acquired the patriarchal role - I guess there would have only been one choice not to - and all I do from now on has influence, or effect on those going after me; there’s no one left to blame. So it’s quite a responsibility. But there again, what we all do today creates tomorrow’s history so we’d all better make sure it’s for the good.

The tragedies in Paris only two weeks ago illustrate (no pun intended) how one or two people can create a wave that sweeps over millions. The rise of Social media has become a common scapegoat for this and other recent atrocities, as though its a new thing. But Social Media isn’t able to pull the trigger on an AK-47!

It’s not a new thing anyway. Wasn’t Dickens ‘Social Media’ with his commentaries (thinly veiled in the great novels) highlighting poverty and injustice in Victorian England? Wasn’t Henry Thoreau ‘Social Media’ in his musings on environmentalism? And, in his own way, as radical as any modern funamentalist; influencing the likes of Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

(Come to think of it.. Isn’t ‘Kirton News’ in some small way ‘Social Media’? Look at me Mum; I’m BLOGGING!)

We shouldn’t blame abstract modern-day creations such as facebook and Twitter for the failings of our own society, or even of ourselves.

Even locally - based on events of only a few months go - you can see a possible illustration of how a ripple can become a tidal wave. One person throws a stone at a pensioner’s window or puts a match to rubbish beneath a piece of wooden play equipment, then hundreds of people don’t have a skatepark to enjoy! Of course, in the best Scroogian tradition it’s only what might happen.

So, think on.... Occasionaly it might be best to bite your lip, or take a couple of seconds to think about the consequence of what you are about.

What we are about, is to go into February (fill-dyke, as my old Dad would call it) and I’ve been asked to pass on a couple of messages.

Firstly, there’s an unclaimed raffle prize from the Christmas Tree Festival so, could owner of ticket number 32 with an orange border contact Carol Lidgett on 724507. It has AB867726 as a reference on the front.

Secondly, in response to queries about the state of Bungle Lane in our November issue, a statement (sadly too late arriving to make the December mag) from the Ian Turner, chair of the Parish Council:

“Bungle Lane was repaired by Highways on Monday (November 17th) I am hoping to get Highways to inspect with me the roads in Kirton that are in need of attention.  Please note that Bugle Lane was already down for repair.

The area of Station Road that is subject to flooding is due to be sorted out in the new financial year and is high on the things to do by highways.”

There.... Done that!



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