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The Editors Letter


I’m sure I’ve said this before but, so much to speak, of.... so little time!

But, with time on our side - in an historical sense - and no apologies to the Rolling Stones, I would like to remind you of a couple of past ‘rants’.

In May 2013 we published an appeal from Ryan Williams, then a lad of 15 years, who, with his mates, loved to “BMX and scooter”. The project to build a skate park in Kirton had been taken on before. Great efforts had been made but no positive result achieved. Well now, it looks like a “goer”

As highlighted in, only February of this year, in your Kirton News, movements were afoot to make this happen. I can reveal that funding has been secured and it is, in all likelihood, that, in or about the middle of October THIS YEAR, work will start on the construction of the base for a skate park and BMX track on the Dame Sarah Swift Memorial Park on Church Lane.

A triumph for Ryan and his mates, and for the youth of the Village. Also for past efforts from Chris, Mandy and others; George, Belinda; Alan; the Parish Council and several more. errors and omissions respectfully excused.

Thanks, also, to those who wish to remain more anonymous. And thanks to WREN for the funding.

So... that’s the good news. More reports later. If you want to see an impression of what the park will look like there was an illustration in our February on-line edition; if you haven’t kept your printed copy.

As to the pending; the Library situation (first highlighted in the October 2013 edition of The News) has been quiet for a while. Efforts were made to establish a committee to form a ‘Community Hub’ to run the service, and all relevant forms filled; applications applied for, and boxes ticked. And, may I say ‘thanks’ to those of you who became involved. [Keep the faith; you may still be needed.] The embryonic ‘Hub’ is, I hope, still in existence. I have, ashamedly, been out of touch.

Of course, as is often the case with what used to be called ‘local government’, not only the goal posts but parts of the stadium, have since been moved.

Since major objections were made and a “Judicial Review” sought - which aimed to make the decision of the County Council to dismantle the Library Service [as it stands] invalid  - that action has drastically altered the situation.

The involvement of an outside organisation - Greenwich Leisure Limited, who have made alternative proposals to run the scheme and have produced “alternative models for a comprehensive and efficient library service” - has further complicated an already ludicrous situation.

Greenwich Leisure Limited carry the mantra “Better for Everyone” They are described as a “non profit distributing co-operative”. Mmmmmmmh? It might intimate that, because local government funding will still be directed at a library service, GLL will get the bung. It suggests the current service is in-efficient. Rubbish.

It suggests that local volunteers can run the service better than the existing arrangement. Well, with the greatest respect, Rubbish.

It suggests that local volunteers can run the service cheaper. Without Doubt; they are not paid!

It removes responsibility to provide the community with the chance of education, involvement, and the ability for advancement, from the very people in who’s lap that commitment is laid.

The latest is that no further review will take place until February 2015. Ad then, watch this [ever expanding] space. Remember; local elections? The REALLY important bits?

Further information regarding the future of your local Library Service - and more waffle - is available in A4 printed format AT your local Library.

And so; to the Bad News. NatWest. Why close it?

Absolute Rubbish. As highlighted on our centre pages, the Bank’s “difficult decision” to close is primarily excused by the “fall in the number of transactions” taking place through the branch.

If every business in Britain closed its doors because of a drop in transactions over the last FIVE YEARS we would have no local shops; no pubs; very few restaurants, and, certainly, no bakers. We would be a nation populated by TESCO, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, hairdressers and nail bars.

Oooh; and the occasional knocking shop.

There are petitions to sign AGAINST the closure of the NatWest branch in Kirton. They are located in Fossitt & Thorne (The Green); Beeson’s Butchers, and the NatWest Branch itself.

Also have a look on Facebook at “Save the last Bank in Kirton”.

October sees my birthday. The tenth. All bribes, presents, bungs, etc., gratefully received.

I don’t mind a single malt. Here’s to Autumn.



NatWest plan to close the
Kirton Branch on November
25th this year.

Many villagers are angry,
concerned and many a little
fearful of what might result.

It's seen as another nail in Kirton's coffin and takes away valuable trade for all the local shops
and ame

If you think action should be
taken, go to the Facebook site
and show your support:

Save the last bank in Kirton

See the' Latest News' Page
for the full story.




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