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Kirton Parish Council Meeting Minutes
- February 2022

Present: Councillors

P. Watson, Chair, C. Brotherton, Vice Chair, F. Baillie, D. Brown, D. Jarvis, L. O’Connor, R. Pryke, S. Watson. Acting Clerk D. Fairweather.

Police Report

Website still only up to date to December

Reports From Representatives

Town Hall Management Committee – Acting Clerk attended meeting to understand payments made to and from THMC.  Many places to perhaps save THMC money i.e., part of insurance may be duplicated with that of the PC.  Pay roll could be carried out by PC at present £25 per month to outside agency.  PC agreed pay roll could be taken on by acting Clerk.  Both parties to look further into streamlining finances.  Clerk advised there is, although it very unlikely to happen, a concern if THMC fails any savings would be returned to Charity Commission and they have a significant contingency whilst the PC are still paying the original monthly payment.  Having said that it states in the Deed of Trust that the Parish Council has a responsibility to the Management Committee

To Receive Apologies
For Absence

Received from Cllrs Austin and Brookes who were attending the Highways presentation regarding road closures in the village for long term drainage problems

To Receive Declarations Of Interest Under The Localism Act 2011

Cllr D. Brown declared membership of the Boston Borough Council Planning Committee

Cllr P. Watson declared membership of the Boston Borough Council Planning Committee     

Cllr S Watson declared she is married to P Watson who is on the Planning Committee.

To Resolve To Go Into Closed Session To Discuss Updates Of Audit

Resolved to go into closed session to receive Payroll Audit Report presented by Steve Fletcher LALC representative. Final comments of the pink paper as follows:

Recommendations The Parish Council should: 

Agree the final salary payment and issue P45 in a timely manner. 

Undertake further mediation via ACAS / union representatives. 

Seek further legal advice and guidance from the Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils (LALC) and ask for legal opinion (as necessary) via NALC. 

Consider the appointment (either temporary or retained service) of a HR specialist.

Consider the appointment of a solicitor / legal advisor (as necessary). 

Undertake a review of all policies and procedures. 

Update its website in order to comply with legislation and best practice.

Resolved unanimously to accept recommendations with Chair pursuing recommendations further.

To Resolve And Approve Notes Of Meeting Of 25Th January 2022.

Following proposal and seconder, resolve unanimously to accept as a true copy to become minutes.

To Receive Updates
From Clerk

2020-2021 Audit finally signed off with comments of non-conformances, report present to Council.

Sinkage in many of the garden of rest graves is due to the non-filling in of plots.  Funeral directors to be advised this as a must in future not just to depend on tubes for support.

To Receive Updates On Council Proposals For Jubilee CelebrationS

PC felt an event should take place for the residents to have a fun ‘party in the park’ day with entertainment at no cost to them.

A small committee to be formed to bring together ideas.  Delegated powers to Chair and Clerk for expenditure incurred up to the cost of donations received and pledged.  Proposed Cllr P Watson seconded Cllr O’Connor.

Cllrs P Watson and Brown pledged monies from their Councillor Grant Scheme and the Chair had already received an offer from a local business towards the project.  Clerk to speak with Town Hall Management Committee with the plans.

Updates to be received each month.

To Discuss Problems With Salt Deliveries Around The Village

Deferred to next meeting due to time restrictions


a)    To Approve Payment of Accounts as per schedule. Proposed Cllr Brotherton, seconded Cllr Pryke

b)    To Discuss and Approve Finance committee’s recommendations to change bank account to Lloyds.

RFO had reported to Finance Committee HSBC to make a monthly charge for banking.  The ‘App’ is not sufficient for receipts.  Proposed Cllr O’Connor seconded Cllr S Watson. Resolved to change over to Lloyds.  


B/22/0023 The Weir Skeldyke Rd – proposed conversion of outbuilding

B/22/0024 39 Horseshoe Lane – rending to front and bank of property

B/22/0041 32 Saxon Gate – single-storey extension

B/22/2033 283 Willington Road – single-storey extension

B/22/0044 Reid Point House, Kirton Fen – single-storey rear and side extension

No objections to any application.

Date of next meeting

Tuesday 22nd March 2022.



Contact details for your local Councillors:

Cllr Ian Cole
Tel : 07808 657718 

Village Ward Members:

Cllr Colin Brotherton
Tel: 01205 724394  
Cllr Peter Watson (and Borough)                             
tel: 01205 619885 
Cllr Lorraine O’Connor                                                  
Tel: 07490 939860 
Cllr Sandi Watson                                                            
Tel: 07535 326689 
Clerk: Mrs Belinda Buttery                                          
Tel: 01205 460618 

 Cllr Michael Brookes (County)                           
Tel: 01205 820616 
Cllr Alison Austin (County)                                          
Tel: 01205 368351 
Mobile: 07731690034 
Cllr David Brown (Borough)                                          


Holme Ward Members:

Cllr David Smith
Tel: 01205 290809
Email: smithsutton1@btinternet.com

Cllr Claire Rylott (and Borough)
Tel: 01205 290386
Email: claire.rylott@boston.gov.uk


Mrs Belinda Buttery
Tel: 01205 460618
Email: belindabuttery@hotmail.com

Cllr Michael Brookes (County)
Tel: 01205 820616
Email: cllrm.brookes@lincolnshire.gov.uk

Cllr Alison Austin (County)
Email: cllra.austin@lincolnshire.gov.uk

Cllr James Edwards (Borough)
Email: james.edwards@boston.gov.uk

Cemetery Manager:
Geoff Sharp
Tel: 01205 361634

The Parish Council office is open on Tuesday mornings between 9 and 11 am every week except for August when it is closed for the whole month. The office is in the Town Hall (entry via door next to the car park entrance).


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